Thursday, September 27, 2007

Building a better mousetrap

Today is my last full day in the Abbey before heading south to SF and the debauchery that is the Folsom Street Fair. That of course means things are a wee bit on the wacky side here as I dash about getting ready and such. Of course, with Folsom also comes, in my opinion, the end of summer and the eventual rush to the holiday season.

Now here is the thing, every year we try to come up with cool some very cool gift items for the holiday. Right now we got something cool in the works, but the problem is I’m just not sure what the proper mix of things needed are. Here is what I want; I’m envisioning a gift that you might give your kink inclined partner or friend. Not someone who would normally go to play parties or shop at stores like Mr. S leather, but rather maybe this gift is something that you will give your lover in hopes of nudging your sex life down a more, shall we say, creative path. Not some lame feather and cinnamon dust gimmick in a cardboard box that you find at the linger shop in your local strip mall. Some cheap something made in china that you may use once (if you are lucky, or really bored) and then stuff in a closet, but rather something that will inspire customers to send me cookies next Christmas.

So, if you were to build a gift box of rope based kink and wanted to spend about 100 bucks, what would you have in your box? Feel free to add suggestions for other items, within reason of course (ya big bunch a perverts!)

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