Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Back home in (mostly) one piece.

Back in the Abbey today after my lost weekend in SF. Folsom was a hoot, but I will admit that for me being a tourist fell a bit short for me. I much prefer the role of showman to spectator at such events. Next year, we shall have to do something substantal about.

Right now I return to my shop with way more work than I know where to begin with. nerdy has a list of things she needs to cover with me that I fear may be taller than she is. All the stock we made before I left is gone, shipped out the door to happy perverts, and the order queue swells yet again to a new all time high.

No rest for the wicked.

PS Oh yeah, you wanted to see what I was wearing? Here is a shot. Matisse has a closeup here.
PSS, anyone get a shot of me tying at the SocalKink.Com booth?