Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Day two of Monk’s mad (not calling it a death march) week, continues.

Still up to my ass in backlogged orders that need to be dealt with this week, but a comment left to yesterday’s photos got me to thinking.

Your expressions and body language are hot. I'm finally starting to understand that my sexual orientation has nothing to do with who I want to tie me up. Ya see, I'm a dyke. And you're dreamy

Well, first and formost thanks for the compliment. Don’t think I have ever been referred to as “dreamy”, of course I’m hoping that it the good sort of dreamy and not the Freddy Kruger/Nightmare on Elm Street “dreamy” sorta thing. Nice, but that is not what got me thinking.

But I digress; a dyke wants to play with a straight male top? Scandalous? Hardly. While the idea of tying up a boy does not trigger my “good idea meter”, I enjoy trying up the occasional boy. On the other side of the spectrum, I’ve enjoyed some great scenes with lesbian identified females as well. Perhaps it is the separation of “sex” from “play” so the focus of the experience is less result oriented and more about the rope itself? I know I’m not alone here. Locally there is a “ladies rope club” where a group of girls get together to practice their rope skills. Taking turns tying each other up and having a grand time. Maybe it is a rope thing or a “Seattle” thing, but such cross pollination of play is pretty common.

So Chicklet, wanting to get tied up by me probably does not mean that you need to re-check your sexual identify. You are safe in your choice there, you just happen to want to experience the joys of rope from a straight guy. Just as I, pretty firmly comfortable in my sexuality, am looking forward to leaping upon a certain young man this weekend in hopes of getting some rope on him. Not that I’m looking to fuck the guy (sadly, it seems like half my female friends would buy tickets for the event), but simply because I enjoy the way we interact when there is rope between us.