Friday, October 12, 2007

Euro Humor

Every morning, when I want to check on the events of the world, I first go to CNN to see what the locals are saying about the state of things. Then I surf over to the BBC News site to see what the outlook on the other side of the pond is like, lastly I scan the english version of Al-Jazeera to hear what the other side might have to say. Having a degree in Rhetoric and Propaganda, I'm pretty hip to the idea that all news is bias in some form or another. I figure that between these three divergent viewpoints, the real story should lie somewhere in the middle.

I must admit that I have a soft spot for the BBC. Maybe it was the influence of all the British comedies, re-broadcast on public television here in the US when I was a kid, but I enjoy their (albeit slightly northern euro centric) view of current events. Anyways, recently I found a piece about how the churches in Belgium were all atwitter about a recent TV add for a new station that featured a party hearty Jesus hitting a local disco.

Me? I think it is pretty damned funny. Then again I sort of have a thing for irreverent humor. Happy Friday folks, remember laughter is healthy.

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