Sunday, October 21, 2007

Guilty pleasures

What can I say, I adore the music of ABBA. Sure it is overplayed in more gay discos and hair salons than ever but there is something so timelessly catchy and danceable about it. If there is ABBA playing, I’m probably shaking my ass like a low rent dancing queen.

Yesterday Matisse, after having seen some old clips of the band had this to say.
“I could not believe it, the video was SO cheesy! They all looked a bit like badly done drag queens on valium.”
“Now keep in mind this was the mid 1970’s”, I tried to tell her, “the art of the music video was still in its embryonic form. That and they were from a semi socialist Northern European country, so they were working from a disadvantage”
“Still, I can’t see why you are so in love with them, yeah it is catchy music but still”
And so the truth had to come out.

See, my first memories of ABBA were not from any radio station or film clip of the Swedish foursome rocking out in matching sweaters. No, it was from the muppets. ABBA was featured heavily on that show and I guess it made an imprint on my young brain.

In finding the clip to show her I also came across this amazing tribute / parody featuring puppets. I you watch closely you will also spot Neil from The Young Ones, Cher, and all four members of the original band.

I once heard a rumor that the band was offered something to the tune of a billion dollars to reform and go on tour again.