Friday, October 05, 2007

How much would you pay?

I need your help again folks, as we continue to draw up the holiday plans here at the Abbey the topic of gift wrapping came up. What we can’t quite figure out is just what kind of gift wrap you, the customer, wants. My general idea is to offer a complete gift service where we will box and wrap your gift, generate a custom card and send the invoice to a separate address.

The question is this, do you want it wrapped so it looks just like any other gift sitting under the tree? This does open the risk that said wrapped gift might be confused with that one from aunt Mildred and on Christmas morning, hilarity ensues. In the past we have offered a more stylistic wrapping, using Kraft paper boxes, jute twine and wax to seal the package. Very cool looking, but a bit more conspicuous. Then there is the option of just being conspicuous and slapping a big old Abigail on the front of the box so your intended recipient knows you loved them enough to get the very best.

What say you?

And since we are doing this to make a profit, what would you think is fair to charge?

Thanks gang! Your feedback is so valuable. Based on what you told me about the holiday gift package, we have something really amazing in the works.