Wednesday, October 24, 2007

In an odd turn of poly fate, all three of the women I adore all have birthdays within a few weeks of each other. Starting today I enter the “Birthday vortex of loves" Yes, yes I have three Scorpios in my life. Not sure if you should envy or worry for me? Me either, oh well it certainly keeps me from getting complacent.

Today marks the anniversary of the birth of my little Alex.

Shuffling through old photos last night, as I pondered just what to say in this post, I came across some shots from one of the first scenes that Alex and I shared. The night I taught Alex how to polish my boots. Shot in my loft office, the shots featured a sweet kid with bleached out hair staring at the camera with an awkward sort of uncertainty, attractive yet with the shadow of worry in their eyes. Hard to believe that this is the same person who yesterday, as they spread their homework out on my loft floor, looked at me with those same eyes. Yet this time, the shadows of doubt were replaced with confidence and poise. Catching me staring wistfully, Alex gracefully moves across the floor and places head adoringly on my knee.
“What’s up Daddy?”
“Nothing, just proud.”
“You are such a sentimental dork., Daddy”

Yeah, yeah I guess I am.

Happy birthday Alex. It has been an honor to watch you grow and evolve into a truly amazing person, I look forward to seeing where this all takes you.

I am so proud to be your Daddy.