Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Random Tuesday Crap

Matisse posted her first podcast, I’m doing my best “color commentary” routine on this one. I think it sounds great and she, as always, is the coolest thing ever.

What about our podcast you ask? Kinda got shelved for the summer as we addressed the technical shortcomings of actually trying to record IN the Abbey, but MM and I share the same recording studio and engineering tech so expect to hear more from us as well.

Speaking of the Mistress, it is official we are going to be playing “Mr. & Mrs. Leather Santa” for the Seattle Men in Leather’s annual Photos With Santa fundraiser. I’ll post more when I have all the details, but I think it is going down at the Cuff Complex in Seattle on Dec, 7th.

Oh and the costume for said Santa will probably be little more than a hat and strategically placed garland of mistletoe. I see that my current 4 days a week at the gym routine will need to be augmented if I hope to pull this one off. Maybe adding a day of yoga?

And speaking of photos, anyone got shots from the piercing demo I did at the Spot on Saturday night?