Sunday, October 14, 2007

Things they don’t tell you when you become poly, #9

This one is just for the men in the room.

Guys, you know that fantastic feeling of helplessness you get when the woman you love is being tormented by Mother Nature? You watch impotently as they battle migraines, mood swings and all manner of hormonally fueled discomfort. You try in vain to help make their fight easier, but in the end they still suffer. You do your best to give aid where you can, choose your words carefully for fear that what may have made her laugh yesterday will send her into tears today, and you offer anything, just shy of letting them slug you, to help. You know it is not their fault; they are not being malicious or doing it on purpose, call it the “tyranny of biology” or just chalk it up to the way life works. Sure it will go away eventually, but what caring partner wants to see a love suffer so for even a few minutes? Funny, you would think that after being married to the same woman for naerly 20 years I would know how to handle such things better, but I still hate it. I just hate that feeling of helplessness.

Guess what, having multiple committed relationships means that you get to multiply that sweet feeling of frustrated impotence.

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