Wednesday, October 31, 2007

“You should dress up as a stockbroker”

Halloween was invented by a frustrated vanilla person with no creative outlet. For one night a year you get to dress up like anything you want, what do most adult choose? Kink themed costumes. Tonight there will be more “sexy pirates”, “sm vampires”, dominatrixes and cross dressers than you can shake a flogger at.

When you get to do this pretty much any weekend night you want, and in some cases get paid for it, playing dress up on Halloween just sorta looses its appeal. So for those poor souls who have yet to embrace your inner pervert (and give it a good spanking) and just admit that you like dressing up in drag and should do it more often, have fun tonight.

Me? I love this holiday for the horror movies.

I’ve written often here about my love of scary cinema. Sure, gore films are fun, but give me a suspenseful horror film that keeps turning up the tension until my ass checks are clenched so tight they hurt. That, dear readers, is a good time. I found this little gem on youtube, a tight little student horror film that delivers a good dose of tension in a tight, cgi package.

Have fun tonight folks, don't eat too many mini candy bars, those little bastards can add!