Thursday, November 15, 2007

Brain Stew

With the official start of the holiday season just a week away I'm up to my ass in new products, half finished marketing text and scads of photos to be edited for the website. Add to this the reams of minutiae that are just part and parcel for keeping a company running and one's brain begins to get a bit wobbly.

On top of all thisthere is the matter of making that rope so that the bills get paid.

So dear readers, if you feel like you are being teased as I slip out sneak peaks at some of the stuff I have in the works. Sorry. Quite to the contrary actually. I have so much stuff that I want to share with you, stuff that I'm really exited about and proud of, but it is just not quite ready. Perhaps if I locked myself away from the world for a week I could have it all finished and polished up, but that is just not in the cards. That and frankly I'd rather give you peaks at what I'm working on first than make you wait like the rest of the world till I do an "official" release.

So much of what I do is driven by your feedback. Your comments and opinions on new products and ideas are of incredible value to me. You, the faithful, have helped shape my little dream into the powerhouse it is today. So it goes with out saying that I, thrilled to share the fruits of my labors, will want to give you the first glances of what I have up my sleeve. And so I pray for yourpatience, dear reader, as with all good things in life...the pay out is always worth the wait.

I may be a tease, but when the time comes I always deliver.

Alas, the time I have carved out today for blogging as come to an end and the demands of the rest of my world as screaming for my attention. As my dad used to say, "We have a lot more miles to travel today before we shall see our beds so we best get to it."