Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Custom Bavarian Blonde Rope Auction

Recently we made a custom run of our ultra premium Bavarian Blonde rope for a customer. They wanted a “candy apple red” and black rope for a hand fasting ceremony. Due to the limited supply of this rope I normally do not do custom dye runs, but they wanted it and were willing to pay. In order to ensure that we could fill their order I ended up making a bit extra. If you have ever seen our previous offerings in dyed 4 strand then you know this stuff is just way too sexy. Now I suppose I could sit on this stuff, maybe add it to my personal rope kit but at the rate I burn through rope kits it would be a shame. Rather this should be the center piece of someones rope kit who will enjoy it for years to come.

What price do you put on something so unique? Well that, dear readers, is in your hands. I am going to auction off the rope on e-bay.

Here is what you are bidding on.
Three (3) bulk pieces of finished TwistedMonk.Com Exotic German 4 strand rope. (180 total feet)
1 custom, candy apple red 6MM piece 30ft
1 custom, candy apple red 6MM piece 65ft
1 custom, black 6MM piece 85ft

This is bulk rope. If after you win the auction and want it cut down to shorter lengths and whipped that can be done for an extra charge.

Normally for this type of custom rope I will charge up to 4 bucks a foot. Here is your chance to scoop up some sweet rope that I guarantee nobody else has in their toy bag.

Auction ends in one week. Go. Bid. Now!