Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Every little thing she does is magic…

Today marks the birthday of my lover, Matisse. What can I say about my dearest that has yet to be said? I remember the first time I met her, while at one of Max’s rope bondage classes. My companion pointed her out, “that is,” she said with a dramatic pause, “the Mistress Matisse”

There, sitting at the front of the room was a stunning woman with an infectious smile and laugh that made you want to laugh along.

It would be many months later, at another one of Max’s rope classes, when I finally had the opportunity to chat with her at length, we hung out in the back of the room while they all practiced. No rope was being sold so we both nibbled on tootsie rolls and swaped stories. I suppose I should describe how “sexually powerful” she was or how dynamic her presence was, but no. The thing I remember most about that conversation, and the many that followed was just how interesting, charming and fun to talk to she was.

I walked away from every occasion not with a sense that a diva had just deemed me worthy of her company, but rather a giddy sort of “I can’t wait till the next time I get to chat with her. What a cool lady…” feeling.

Tonight, after an altogether too brief dinner date, as I kissed her goodbye and walked out to my car those giddy feelings of our early encounters are still just as fresh. Nearly 4 years later I’m still sporting a goofy smile every time I say goodbye to her and counting the minutes till I get to see her again.

Happy birthday, my love.
You just keep getting better and better.