Friday, November 09, 2007

Location, location, location

A change of location can dramatically change the tone of a scene. While my loft office in the Abbey has been home to so many great memories, sometimes familiarity is not what you want. Tucked away in a dark corner of the building that I share space in, deep in the recesses where tenants are forbidden to go, I have a secret spot. A down a blind passage and behind a fake wall lays a forgotten room. My boot prints are the only thing to mark the layer of dust that covers the bare wood floors. The place would seem untouched it if were not for the shiny re-enforced hard points sunk into the two-foot thick beams that span the ceiling.

This is where I like to go when I want to shake things up. While the “what” I plan to do to her will be the same, my rope and hands crisscrossing her body. The mood will shift dramatically. What was met last time with giggles and squeals will be result in gasps and moans. My body language shifts from warm familiarity to a more aggressive stance as I pace around her naked, suspended form. The smell of her fear and sex will fill the enclosed space and when it is all said and done we will both emerge from the space, caked with dust and smiling.

No worse for wear at the end, save some lovely rope marks on her body, returning to the real world once again.

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