Thursday, November 01, 2007

Out of the Backlog... now back to the madness

Whew, after a couple of really long ass days I think I'm finally out of the production ditch and ready to get back to all the other projects I currently on hold. Alas the joys of trying to change the world, you never really get much of a chance to sit back and coast.

Today's task, finish the marketing update for all the new Twistedmonk.Com wear! We got some very cool new threads to show off, just in time for Christmas. Now the thing I am pondering is just what is the best way to show off these great new items. Sure, go to most any kink event and you will probably see someone sporting our "rope slut" or "trust me" shirts, but I can't help feeling like you want more. In the past I've featured photos of myself and friends in the company colors as well as shots that customers have sent in. Should I do more of this? Less?