Tuesday, December 11, 2007

And so the flood begins...
Going to be a "photo heavy week" I think as most of my waking hours are spent pumping out these Christmas orders. After several weeks of healthy pre-holiday sales, the floodgates seemed to have opened up and the work queue has exploded with orders. Awesome. (BTW. If you were planning on ordering, don't wait too long. We are already starting to run out of some stuff. and our order cut off for holiday delivery is this Friday!) So the next 10 days or so will be marked with some long days at the Abbey and late nights by yours truly while we bust ass to make sure all these happy perverts get rope under their Christmas tree in time. Good thing I have friends who send me things like this to keep me entertained while I whip rope.

She seems to think that this film would be right up my alley? Why I have no idea, I only watch artistic films, with redeeming social merit that address important human issues.... dude, who am I kidding! Machine gun arm? Drill Bra? Ninjas?

Sign me up!

Reminds me of my all time favorite "Tokyo Shock" film, "Ricky-O". A hyper violent, blood soaked, almost a live action cartoon of a splatter film with the thinnest grasp on reality that is sure to ruin any party you show it at and leave your guests damaged for years to come.