Thursday, December 13, 2007

Couple of quick snapshots today...

Feel sorry for our postman, he has been picking up stacks like this all week.

When he is not picking up piles of outboud orders he is delivering huge boxes of baked goodies to us. Good thing we now have minion to help consume all these treats, otherwise I'd be dead from a sugar overload. I love you guys, but damn! Are you trying to kill me or just make my trainer want to kill me?

Now I know what you are saying,"dude another rant about being busy and in a deathmarch... yawn" Not quite. Sure things are busy, but one must strive for some kind of balance. The other night, after spending way too many hours at the shop, Alex brought me some dinner and we tried out a new hang. Since he has new ink running down the sides of his body I can't put rope against his torso for another 3 weeks. So Daddy had to get a little creative.

Tomorrow, if I finish all my whipping and get these orders to the post on time, I'll see about finishing up that video thing I was teasing you with last week. With the crash of the old laptop I've been slow getting everything loaded up onto my new one. If not tomorrow then for sure by the weekend.