Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Gawd Damnit, I hate it when this happens.

Here I was having a right fucker of a day, a full on goat sodmozing bastard of a day. The last day to get orders out the door for Christmas, the temperature seems to have dropped so low that no amount of layers can keep the heat from feeling like it is being sucked out of the souls of your feet, the minion insist on playing fucking holiday music, I’m still feeling like day old crap from this lingering cold and top it all off the knuckles in my left hand have started making this strange popping noise whenever I flex my hand (no doubt from all the extra whipping I’m guessing). Yes dear reader, a right pisser of a day and your hero was all set to growl his way through it. Shoulders squared and scowling, oblivious to the discomfort or my overwhelming desire to crawl back into bed next to someone warm, “Press on, do the job, meet the deadline and rest when you are dead”, was my mantra.

Then this had to happen, a customer had to go and send me a thank you e-mail! The nerve of some people! Not only was she so happy with her early Christmas present to herself and she wanted to say thank you. But also she just had to attach a photo of herself in the rope as well.

Wouldn’t ya know it, no sooner than I saw the look of utter bliss on the girl’s face then my whole miserable day improved! See for yourself, how can you even contemplate having a bad day when your customers say thank you like this?

Cold? Nah, not so bad actually. Just gotta make sure you keep moving and those carols? Could be worse, besides how can you not love the Muppets? The last orders were just delivered to the post office so now I can sit back with a well earned glass of whiskey and take a long, deep sigh of relief.

Now she sent two photos, one that I can share with you and one just for me, the photo I am not sharing with you shows her full face, blessed out in a rope glow that makes these sore, tired hands very glad they can keep doing what they seem to do so well.

So, my sweet Eris, thank you. you derailed my otherwise harsh day.

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