Wednesday, December 05, 2007

I like to think of them as “Boxes of Potential Orgasms”

Of the many hats one wears when running their own company, “Director of New Product Development” is by far one of my favorite. I’m always tinkering with ideas, wondering just what sorts of devious delights you, my wonderful customers, will snatch up and make a permanent fixture in your toy bags. From the colors and kinds of rope we sell to what you might want to tie to, tie with or store your rope in. My brain is always taking notes. Sometimes we have different ideas as to just what makes a good toy, nosehook anyone? Sometimes, when I’m firing on all cylinders, I come through and bring you a winner… ball end ass hook anyone? Well it looks like this year’s Holiday Gift Box is soon to join the ranks of “winner”. At just over 2 weeks since launch, we have sold over 25% of our initial order with more new orders coming in every day. At just $99.99 this one looks to sell out soon.

Ya wanna know what makes my twisted little heart even happier? You guys figured out that you can put lots of other stuff in these boxes too. I designed the boxes so you could stash those how to books along with your rope, away from prying eyes if need be, and what happen? You guys sent me requests like, “Can you add Bondage for Sex and some panties to that box too?” Hells, yeah!.

In fact, for one special customer we went as far as to stuff over THREE HUNDRED feet of rope and still had room to sneak in a pair of panties. Luckily those boyshorts are pretty tiny, good thing we don’t sell boxer shorts or else this would have been a disaster.