Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Into the mouth of madness

Welcome to the last 48 hour push, we need to get all the holiday orders out the door and into the postman's hands by close of business tomorrow. Save for a couple of local orders that will ship the next day, it looks like we will pull it off (and then some).

Of course somewhere along the line I seem to have lost my voice. If you see it, send it to the Abby care of Monk. Otherwise enjoy another one of Matisse's Podcasts, recorded back when I did have a voice. Seems folks really like our on air chemistry so we opted to join forces on a few more episodes. Who knows, maybe we might have something here. But what of our own short lived, "Breakfast at the Abbey" podcast you ask? It is not dead, rather we are in the process of re-tooling it and going to see about re-launching it in the new year.

Not having a voice also makes for finishing this little video thing I was teasing you all with last week a bit tough. Maybe after some soup today my voice will decide to make a comeback and I can attempt to get that last shot filmed.