Monday, December 03, 2007

A Long Overdue Reader Photo

I met Switch and Boy at last year's Winter Flea and they were such a sweet and charming pair. shortly afterwards they sent these photos of them enjoying their rope. For whatever reason (I blame a lack of caffeine) the images got stuffed away in an unnoticed archive and were recently re-discovered by yours truly.

Her smile is just contagious, isn't it? A shame that she asked me to mask her face. Oh well, limits are meant to be respected. Seemed like the company logo would look better than a plain old black bar or a mass of pixels, no?

So, my dearest apologies to them both! Thank you and hopefully we will see you kids again at this year's Flea.

In other news, at last night's Bondage is the Point party I got to test drive two new, awesome toys. Photos are soon to follow, but I'll tease you with this. This has got to be the coolest suspension toy I have ever played with. It is not cheap, but I think it could fundamentally change the way I approach certain types of suspension bondage.

If you have a photo of yourself or loved one flying the TwistedMonk.Com colors and want to show it off, please feel free to e-mail them to me along with anything you wish to share about yourself (blog, event, etc) and I’ll post them here.