Thursday, December 27, 2007

Not quite what I had in mind when I started featuring reader photos...


So, I couldn't help but notice your appreciation for "Reader Photos" showing off the new TM-wear, and I happen to have one myself. Of course, it's probably not quite what you're expecting ... I hope it gives you a laugh!


Bet you didn't know your new undies were edible! My dog has a panty fetish. (Lest there be any doubt, NO, I was NOT wearing the boyshorts at the time of the crime. I love my dog, man, but I don't LOVE my dog. Um, gross.)

And the culprit: Chai "Stitch Magee" Kajabooboo. Just look at the fangs on him. Those panties never had a chance.

Yep, it is Thursday! Never could get the hang of Thursdays...
In other news, goat fuck me Jesus is it cold in the Abbey today! If we were not shy half the crew and 2 weeks away from a major show, I'd be sending folks home. Yes we are talking it is THAT cold in here. Top it off with the threat of snow too. This one seems pretty serious too. Seattle has like 6 snowplows for the entire metro area and I passed 3 of them, warmed up and waiting at the top of strategic hills, on the way in.