Saturday, December 29, 2007

Overheard at the Abbey on a cold Saturday

“Say Monk, how late are we planning on working today?” Asked one of my newer minions as she made me my first (of many) cups of coffee for the day. (Yes, I have an employee who in addition to her regular tasks at the Abbey, she is also charged with being my personal barista)
”Um, probably 3 or so? I need to be downtown at Nordstrom’s by 4”
“Nordstrom’s!?” She responds with a confused look.
“Yeah, need to pick up some new threads for the New Years Eve party… you look surprised”
Blink, blink, “I, I just have only seen you dressed…” her eyes run the length of my dye stained BDU pants and lug sole boots.
“like an army/navy surplus store exploded on me?”
“Well yeah”
“I clean up well, I assure you.”

Ok, so the “Georgetown dockworker chic has a certain iconic appeal, but I really need to round out my wardrobe to include garments other than those seen in a Tom of Finland drawing.