Monday, December 10, 2007

That Hannah Sends Me the Best E-mail!

What can I tell you about Hannah that you don’t already know? I met this brainy, sex-pot about 3 years ago at the first Austin Rope Craft Symposium. We tangled that weekend and ever since shared what has been a very cool friendship. She just keeps getting better and is easily in my top 5 “favorite bottoms” of all time list. I think the last time we played all I could do at the end as she lay in a pile of ropes was pant and swear, “ God damn girl, you are one tough bitch!”

She recently sent me this, um shall we call it a product endorsement?

When I was a young and budding kinkster, I experimented a bit with self bondage. Aren’t y’all just stunned?
Anyway, I figured out one day while masturbating that it felt really good to bunch the crotch of my underwear up and yank it up in the front. Felt really good, so I started doing it a lot. Problem was, I wanted my hands free for…other things, and while it still felt nice to have my undies all bunched up, without the tension it was lacking a certain something.
So being the clever girl that I was, I thought tying my panties into a bunch and somehow anchoring it so the tension remained constant was a good idea. And it was – it would have been a fabulous idea if I hadn’t used yarn. Yarn, as some of you may be aware, makes small knots. And they get smaller when the knots are…yanked on.
Which is how I ended up in the kitchen at midnight, rummaging as quietly as humanly possible (because my dad was watching TV in the basement and he had ears like a damn cat) through the junk drawer looking for a pair of scissors while my underwear slowly cut off my circulation under my flannel nightgown.
It’s been twenty years or so since I did that, but I just got the softest, most comfortable panties in the mail, and I have all this TwistedMonk hemp that’s just rough enough…
This works MUCH better.

She also sent a close-up, so you can take a closer look at her... um... knot work. click here for it. More than just a nice piece of ass, this girl can also write a damn fine sex blog.