Saturday, January 19, 2008

Bits and Pieces of History

I sometimes get grief from folks because I give away bits of my history. Little mementos given to customers and fans, perhaps a bit of rope from my personal kit or sometimes more, all depends. Folks tell me that I should hold onto them, hoard them away so that one day I’ll have them to remember this wild ride called my life. The thing is, it seems like such a waste to hold onto stuff in hopes that someday, in the distant future, I’ll want to remember. Rather, it makes more sense to me to share the joy, why hold onto something for a someday when someone can take that thing and enjoy it now?

So on that thought, I’m opening up my personal treasure trove and offering some cool pieces of TwistedMonk history for auction so that they can find a good home.

This is a first generation “Trust Me” style t-shirt. Only a handful of these were made in 2004 for Folsom in white and the rest have been lost to the sands of time. This one was found in a crate and is, to our knowledge, the last of its kind. We only did one run of white, “Trust Me” shirts for our first adventure at Folsom St. Less than a dozen of these shirts were made. It is a 2XL so it would make some happy rope slut a nice night shirt.

Speaking of our first trip to Folsom. I had a custom opera jacket made for me for the event. A lovely, flowing garment made from a wicked black with silver/gray skulls woven into the print. Sadly it was made for me when I as about 40+ pounds heavier than I am today and my personal styles have moved from the long jacket to more minimalist designs. You can see a shot of me in it here. I loved this coat, loved the way it flowed when I tied and the way it looks. A real show stopper.

Speaking of my “long flowing coat phase” I have another opera jacket up for auction too. Not a custom job, but sexy none the less.

With any luck, if these are well received, I'll pull more goodies out of the archives and share them with you. Makes me smile, the thought of someone being exited about getting a piece of my history and making it part of theirs.

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