Thursday, January 17, 2008

Its Reader Photo Time Again!

Ahh, I just love my customers. Take a fun loving, happy couple add rope and you get Nawa*G and lil*J, along with their cohorts Passion and Victor, get into some very hot rope related mayhem. If memory serves correct, they met at Shibaricon 2 years back and the world has never been the same. I think last year they set the record for most dungeon stopping scenes, the costuming alone is worth an award. Now these nice folks send me photos and notes whenever my rope intersects with their adventures and the hot, sexy craziness that ensues. You should go read about them on their blog, smokin!.

I've been invited to come join in and toss some rope with these lovelies on more than one occasion, I best eat my wheaties...

Do you have photos of your gear and want to share them with the world? Send me an e-mail blog @