Wednesday, January 30, 2008

More than just rope?

So I thought that I might try something a bit different with my next custom rope auction. These short run, one of a kind runs have become very popular, encouraging me to become more creative in my dye process and bolder in the colors I attempt to create.

The rope I am currently offering up for auction is a bit different. Rather than a bulk piece, this is a kit. 7 pieces of 30’, 6MM hemp dyed in a wild mix of violets, reds and a hint of pink and finished with my personal, bright green end whipping. Those with really sharp eyes might notice that this is the same rope I used in the mummification performance video I recently posted. So, a custom rope kit used once by yours truly in a performance.

Pretty unique no?

How about I add a personalized DVD of the performance, originally shot in HD, to the auction as well?