Wednesday, January 23, 2008

A sneak peek into the daily operations of The Abbey

In my ongoing attempt to share the world that is TwistedMonk.Com with you, I give you this. A sneak peek into the day to day grind that is making and selling bondage rope. First off, to operate at this level and maintain the highest possible quality, I and my core production team meet regularly to discuss production goals and review past performance.

Now whenever you assemble a team of highly motivated, dedicated workers you sometimes have disagreements as to what need to happen next. TwistedMonk is not immune to this problem. The thing to remember is that all parties are striving to make a better product, but have different ideas on just how best to do it. When that happens, rather than let disagreements simmer and create tension, it takes an executive mandate on the part of management to dictate the proper course of action.

Or just a really wicked suplex.