Friday, February 01, 2008

Anyone want a cool Valentines Day gift?

Remember those cool wood box combos we offered over Christmas? I'm sitting here with the very last one in my hands. A customer ordered one in red, added an extra 15' in of 6MM and 5' of 4MM and then had the nerve to try and use a bad credit card to pay for it. Hell has a special place for those who try to stiff small business owners.

Now I could easily redistribute the stock to fill existing orders, but it sorta seems a shame. The whole thing is all nicely wrapped and sealed, just ready for a shipping label in fact. Seems like it could make for a cool valentines day gift for some happy rope fan. So tell ya what, the first one who contacts me can have it for 125.00 (that includes domestic shipping).

Like I said, I have ONE left and no immediate plans to offer this style box again in the near future.

UPDATE: The box (and its contents) have sold.