Sunday, February 10, 2008

Who wants some custom rope?

I'm offering up some one of a kind rope again on e-bay. The first off is a blast from the past. Who remembers our "Exotic Italian Cashmere" rope?

This was the very first exotic we offered, a very unique rope made by this funky little operation in Rome. This was the rope we offered to folks who complained that "regular" hemp rope was just too soft, they wanted something with some "teeth". We would hand them this stuff and watch them giggle with evil glee. See, the rope is deceptive. Stroke it one direction and it feels fuzzy and soft, stroke it the other and the rope has a very wicked set of "teeth" to it. Not skin ripping, but just scratchy enough to remind a person that they are in rope... every time they breathe. Another wickedly cool feature of this stuff was that due to the feel of the rope, it held knots like velcro. Sadly the maker of this rope is no more. I've managed to find one last block of the stuff and am offering up the entire lot here as one finished kit. The last of its kind.

This week's other offering is a bulk piece, 94ft to be exact, of 6MM hemp in a wild twist of colors.

I started out with a base coat of our Statutory Grape and then went a little nuts. The result is strong burgundy color with blue and violet highlights. As with all my custom mix color runs, this is a one of a kind mix and I could not reproduce it if I tried. The winning bidder can have the rope cut down and whipped for a small extra fee if they so desire.

Happy Bidding!