Thursday, March 20, 2008

Another one from the “gee my life is odd some days” file. Recently I was approached by a reader asking if she base a character on me. She is a writer of fan fiction, CSI to be exact. As she rattled off her idea and the characters involved I had to confess that I’d only seen the show maybe once. Aside from catching the occasional Project Runway with Tambo, the TV and I are not much of a couple. However I’m always game to help out someone in a creative endeavor and after outlining my personal limits as to what my “Character” would do (gotta always play safe, sane and consensual even when in a fantasy context) I gave her the go ahead.

Well it was just published.

Upon reading it I found myself laughing my ass off. See what I failed to realize when she pitched the idea to me was that the story was involving two MALE cast members of said show. So while my “character” is not an active participant, I am now a supporting character in gay porn. Yup, mom said that if I kept up this life of deviance that I’d end up doing gay porn eventually.

So now I guess I can add, “Supporting Character in Gay Fan Fiction” to my list of jobs.

My life is very strange, but pretty freaking amazing.

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