Monday, March 31, 2008

It has been 4 long, exhausting days but I think we did it.

While I have long since given up hope of ever being fully "caught up", there is that point where the backlog of orders is at a semi sane level, a place where you don't look at the work queue and wince at the sheer volume of work still left to be done. After ditching all my weekend plans and all but locking myself away in the Abbey this weekend, we are *almost* to that point.

So while I am relived that we are out of the woods, as it were, for the moment and proud of the crew for pulling together and getting the job done I'm pretty grumpy about having to cancel on not only seeing my friends at Kinkfest, a pro rigging gig and of course all the tales that come with such hijinx.

Yeah, this "being responsible" thing sorta sucks, but such it the case when you are the guy in charge. At least I did get to cut loose a bit and enjoy some much needed down time with a few of my favorite peoples. On that thought, I best finish this cup of coffee, hit the gym for a bit and then get my ass back to work.

We still have a metric-fuckton o work left to do before calling this day done.