Monday, March 10, 2008

Join me in sending an e-mail to youtube

I just found out this morning that rope artists and educators, The 2 Knotty Boys, were pulled from for violating the terms of service.

This, dear readers, simply blows.

If you are like me, you have enjoyed their content, learned a ton of new ties and got exited about rope. Compared to so much of the crap that gets posted to that site, their stuff was a much welcomed change. Their approach to rope is fun, playful and incorporates some really astoundingly pretty knot work. As one who also uses the site for hosting bondage related content, I must confess that this worries me. I practice a very heavy hand when editing and considering content to post to our channel. From what I have seen from JD and Dan (the Knotty Boys) they also tried to err on the more conservative side as well.

While we continue to use this free service to promote our video content, we are at the mercy of youtube and their terms of service. As the old adage goes, “Their site, their rules”. This does not mean we cannot also exercise our right to free speech and express our displeasure at their decision to suspend The 2 Knotty Boys. If you also enjoyed their videos as well, please join me in sending an e-mail expressing your displeasure to the fine folks at Youtube and encouraging them to reconsider their decision to suspend said content.