Saturday, March 15, 2008

My Tambo, super nerd.

Some dear friends of our hosted a very special movie night. Seems some of our close friends had yet to see the epic zombie-romantic-comedy that is "Shaun of the Dead" In honor of this event, Tambo just had to make cookies. Specifically, gingerbread zombies. Complete with exposed brains and cricket bats.

Ain't she just grand?

Speaking of nerding out, tonight after I finish all my chores at the Abbey, we are going to take in that new sc-fi flick, "Doomsday". Now this looks like some fun, written and directed by the guy who did the brilliant, "Dog Solders" (like seriously, this is one of the best werewolf films ever made) and staring Malcom Macdowell (who is quite possibly the greatest cinematic whore since Tim Curry. I swear this guy would star in a tampon commercial if you paid him enough). How can you go wrong? Oh and there are hot chicks fighting with swords too. We are talking a cinematic masterpiece in the making here folks.

Best part? Tambo and I will be whooping and laughing our asses off though it and will only be disappointed if there are any attempts at social relevance or "messages" in the film. Commence with the big ass fireballs and half naked post apocalyptic warrior maidens!

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