Monday, March 24, 2008

So kinkfest is next weekend and I’m guessing that most of you long time readers are betting that the lack of updates here are due to me being up to my ass in pre-show preparations. Well you are half right.

While I will be making my annual trek to Portland to commune with my fellow kinksters in the Rose City, I will not be vending. Yep, you heard me we are going to a convention as, wait for it, tourists.

Pretty radical idea I know, I’m still not sure if I have my brain wrapped around it myself.

Normally, as a vendor, you show up before the event opens. Set your booth up and pretty much live in the vendor space till after the event closes. If you are lucky you might get to take in a class or maybe, just maybe make an appearance in the dungeon, but not too late because some Sunday morning you have to be up and vending at the freaking crack of dawn.

This time, for the first time EVER, Tambo and I get to just be tourists. Take classes, hang out with friends, play late, eat whenever we like (as opposed to wolfing down food brought in for you when there is a lull in customers) , and best of all not have that constant, nagging worry of *having* to sell. This is a really radical development for us, one that we are just giddy at the prospect of and I really have all of you to thank for it.

I was quite worried when I made the call to not apply as a vendor, taking on faith that despite all the negative economic news blaring at us everyday that yes, the customers were there and the orders would continue to come in and I would not have to put myself and my crew though the grueling slog that is a pre-show death march. Online sales continue to grow and grow as you all keep telling your friends about us. So thank you.

Right now we are busier than ever as new orders keep pouring in from both returning customers as well as new customers, many of whom found us from a recommendation from a previous customer.

Of course, old habits die hard so don’t be surprised if I stash an extra book or choice piece of steel in my luggage, should anyone find themselves in the need. Otherwise, approach with a bit of caution as I try to get accustomed to this new idea, not working an event.

I may require some hand holding at times.