Thursday, April 03, 2008

Hi, my name is Monk and I am a shit heel.

Yep, a total shit heel. Why so hard on myself today you ask?

So this is the deal, as you may know Lee Harrington is hosting his second Body Bound Educational Conference in Seattle this weekend here in Seattle. Originally we planned on attending as vendors for the event, but as readers of this blog will note March has been an unprecedentedly busy month for us, like on par with last Christmas, so we had to decline the offer to come vend. I still wanted to attend the event, the main reason being the 2 Knotty Boys would be teaching. I’m a huge fan of their work, I’ve advocated for their videos, and am genuinely impressed with all they have contributed to rope education.

After spending the last few weeks with my head buried in orders I popped up this week and realized that the event was in a few days time….

And sold out.

So here I am, too booked to vend at an event in my own backyard and too busy to make the time to buy tickets in time so I can attend and pay my respects to some great instructors. This would be me asking if anyone happens to know where I can score 2 tickets for this Friday’s class, I’d be ever so grateful as well as me publicly expressing to Dan and JD my deepest embarrassment at missing their one appearance in Seattle.

Dude, you would think if I can run a highly successful company with several employees that I would do a better job of keeping track of such things. Grr…