Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I've been pretty quiet about this, in fear that I might jinx things after the whole Kinkfest debacle, but seeing as how the car to the airport is on its way...

I'm off to white sand beaches for the week.

After busting ass, spending way too many weekends that I care to cop to, and getting my crew up to speed I am taking a much deserved break and dashing off to Florida with Matisse to lounge on the beach, drink umbrella drinks and maybe even (finally) get in some surfing too.

While I we never seem to be "caught up" when it comes to all the orders for more rope, we are at a point where I feel good about the work load and confident that my crew has the stock, coffee and skills to keep those orders flowing out the door and into the hands of happy perverts the world over. So if you call the Abbey this week and an unfamilar voice answers the phone, introduce yourself. If you are waiting on an order, have no fear it is on its way, and as for the rest of you...

Stay tuned, there are some good things in the works this week as I update from a sunny local.

Now where did I put those flip flops?