Friday, April 04, 2008

Oi! Enough with the complaining already!

Ok, ok we know you are busy, Enough with the constant blog complaining there Mr. Monk, it is getting pretty dull! Truth is, even with the breakneck pace that is my life I'm still having a blast. Sure, I'm currently spending way too many hours in the shop, but that just means that even with all the dire economic news on TV, we are still beating the odds, doing the impossible and thriving. So yeah, been a busy month but there have also been some pretty awesome things happening too, some I cant share just yet due to personal, professional or legal (the statue of limitations has yet to run out) reasons, but I do have a few cool items to share right now.

So how about this for cool? I just posted the first video in what we are calling our "Getting Started: Volume 2" series. We have 7 new how to videos in the can and 3 more in pre-production. The plan is to release a new one every few weeks until the Christmas season when we will press them all to DVD. This new block of instructional content features both complex ties as well as more building block ties, much requested ties like face bondage and the best part Celebrity Guest Instructors. I'm beside myself with glee at having the likes of Midori, Delano and a few surprise guests share their rope knowledge under the TwistedMonk.Com banner.

Here is our first offering Delano, someone I am so proud to call a friend, is teaching a spreader bar tie, with me as his stunt bunny. Enjoy!

In other news I was just informed that is up for a couple of the Bondage Awards (Best Product and Best Toy Store) You can vote once a day, so please vote!