Thursday, April 17, 2008

Psst.... want some Color of the Month?
We just launched it here. A very limited run, this one, so if you want it you best jump on it now.

I've also put up a new custom rope auction on e-bay. Bet you thought I got too busy and quit doing custom runs? Nope. Sure., I mean the last six weeks have been crazy busy, but we still have some new surprises up our sleeves for you.

Check out this one, a burgundy base that can best be described as "smoky" with ember like reds and black accents. This is a finished kit, 90ft total, 2x15 and 2x30. Happy bidding.

Color of the Month Update: As of Friday 5PM PST, I have 24ft of 6MM left . If you want this, you best contact me via the Abbey, 206-938-7527, NOW.

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