Monday, April 07, 2008

So that was pretty cool.

I did manage to get into the Knotty Boys show after all. Now some of you were saying, “why don’t you just show up? They have to let YOU in?” Now that, dear readers, is not my style. See, I hate it when people pull that sort of “the rules don’t apply to me” crap with me. Things like, “I know you *said* that you were all sold out of that but I’m different” So I try my best to avoid doing that. I figured I’d just rant a bit, get my frustration off my chest, take my lumps for missing the deadline and move on.

Thankfully Lee and the boys were more than gracious and managed to squeeze a couple of extra chairs into the back of the room so Tambo and I could join the fun.

And fun it was, true to form The 2 Knotty Boys were very entertaining to watch. This was the first hands on class that I’ve gotten to attend in a long, long time. Most times I’ve been a behind a vendor table in the back of the room, so sitting in the thick of things trying out new ties and comparing notes with the guy next to you was a very cool and novel change of pace for me. Not too sure how much I got out of the class, but I certainly had a fun time while there.

I also managed to spend some time hanging out with and getting to know the boys, Dan and JD are some pretty cool cats. Really nice guys with a genuine desire to share as much rope knowledge as possible with the widest possible audience. Grated, we do things a bit differently here in the northwest so I’m guessing they got as much of an education as they gave, that and they left my Abbey armed with hemp rope, so we shall just have to wait and what they do next.