Friday, May 16, 2008

Random Friday Morning Notes While I Drink Coffee and Listen to the Trains Rumble By...

  • The new color of the month is almost dry, watch for it on Monday. What is it? Here is a hint, think.... Absinthe.
  • It is FINALLY warm enough to start taking passengers on Boris with out me worrying that they will get frostbite sitting in the sidecar.
  • Speaking of warm enough, one of the Minion have convinced me to build a planter box under the massive windows that run the length of the Abbey. I've always loved having green, living things in the shop. Offsets the gray industrial feel of the place, now can we grow tomatoes here? Stay tuned to find out.
  • While I was not raised catholic and have spent less than 10 minutes total in a catholic church, nun themed erotica is oddly appealing as of late. Hmm....
  • Pondering doing an "ask Monk" video blog and would love to have folks submit video questions, ala the presidential debates. Still not sure the mechanics on how to pull that off, but start warming up your cameras.
OK, the Minion are starting to wander in, time to get the rope making machine re-started and fill these orders.... right after we have some coffee.

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