Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Tonight while sprawled out next to Matisse, my head resting in her lap as she scratched my head and laughed and the way it made my eyes glaze over, we got to talking about an upcoming social event and the inevitable question arose.
"So, what do you think you will wear?"
Most folks look forward to events like these as an excuse to finally get to wear their favorite fetish attire. However, once you have a profession where you pretty much get paid to wear fetish wear all the time. Donning a pair of PVC pants and sweating down your ass crack for a social gathering just sorta looses its appeal. Now she, she has become legendary for dressing in some amazing, designer dresses. The kind that when she walks into the room, everyone stops talking and just sorta stares for a sec.

Me? I'm nowhere as classy as she is, but I do however clean up well and like the idea of ditching the BDU/knee high boot combo in favor of something different as well.
"Dunno," I say mid scratch, "I was thinking about picking up one of those suits they wrote about in GQ last month. Maybe see if I can get it tailored in time? Its been years since I wore a suit, seems like high time to add one to the wardrobe."
"While I love the idea of you in a suit, I sorta miss those red velvet pants", she mused
"Ahh, my pimp pants. Yeah, those were sexy when I was 15 pounds heavier. Now they just hang and I can't seem to find a decent replacement for them"
"To bad, you used to dress much more flamboyant"
True, I once had all manner of outlandish outfit, a throwback to my actor days I think. however these days I seem to have settled comfortably into the more simple (some would say iconic) look of tight jeans, tighter white shirts and my well worn vintage black leather jacket.
"Hey, if you can find me a pair that look good and fit, I'd wear em" I respond.
"Sure, you know I've always wanted to do the velvet bell bottoms and platform heels look"
"Ohh how David Bowie of you!" she laughed while leering at me.
Yes, gentle reader, I happen to own a pair of 6 inch platform heels. I can even dance in them, thank you. Long time readers will remember me once dancing about Matisse's living room in them (and not much else) for her birthday a few years back.
"Like I said, I've never been able to find just the right pair of pants to pull it off, cuz you know it is all about the pants"
"..and if I can find said pants?"

Consider the fashion gauntlet thrown.