Thursday, June 12, 2008

A confession, of sorts

I let slip today to a friend that while I proudly have numerous fetishes (and am discovering new ones about myself everyday) I happen to have a major weakness for 70’s porn. Growing up, my earliest memories were of sneaking into my grandfather’s shop and extracting from their hiding place his stack of glossy magazines from the early 70’s. Buxom blondes with wide, curving hips, blue eye shadow, decked out in matching garters and kerchief and of course a rich, supple mound of hair between their legs. Images that would leave a lasting imprint as I thumbed through the pages, shot after shot of spread, seductive and all natural women stirring my young imagination and libido.

To this day, ask me who the sexiest woman in porn is and I would say with out a pause, Annette Haven when she did Barbara Broadcast.

While I enjoy modern porn and am a happy consumer (and producer) of SM porn, I still have a fondness for the old stuff. Maybe it is less about the era and more to do with the images. Yes, the pubic hair has much to do with the images, but it is only a part of the whole feel of the time. Women with real curves and real bodies just seem more genuine to me, more honest, and more along the lines of what I would want to find in my bed. The current trend towards anorexic girls with fake tans and boobs bigger than my head really leave me cold.

Nope, I’d rather see the girl next door, flaws and hips and hair. Now if she put on some blue eye shadow and donned a pair of roller skates? Bonus!