Sunday, June 29, 2008

Random Acts of Beauty

I twittered about this, but it seems the fleeting nature of a twitter just did not do it justice. So allow me to tell you the tale...

Today, as I marched along the parade route with Alex and the rest of the “leather contingent” as we were called. Really a fantastic cross-section of gay, straight, kinky, gender queer and leather folk who help make Seattle such a fantastic place to be “alternative”, but I digress. There we were, me in my tall boots and leather pants, Alex bounding along side me a spontaneous explosion of joyful puppy energy…about mid parade I’d say, the sidewalks swelling with cheering faces, waving flags and again all manner of young and old people all out to show their pride and support she emerged from out of nowhere.

Brandishing a bouquet of flowers, fresh from the farmer’s market she stepped out of the crowd and into the street. Running up along side Alex and I as we came abreast I only got a quick look at her, young and pretty. Flushed and full of life as she pressed the brown paper wrapped bundle of flowers into my hand.
“I love you” she said with a smile and dashed back into the crowd before I could thank her, before I could even ask her name. Once I fully realized what was happening, she had vanished, back into the seething sea of faces along the parade route. I carried that bundle of random color for pretty much the rest of the parade, till the limitations of keeping myself and my leather hooded companion hydrated became more than my two full hands could manage.

Now, the parade long over and no longer dressed in my all too warm leather pants I can’t help but wonder. Who was she? Had someone set aside today, taken the initiative to attend this event, visit the market, so they might me a gift and say those things? Did they wait patently as float after float passed by till they could make this fleeting connection with me? Or was this a random event. Someone performing a random act of love and generosity? Putting some good into the universe and I was simply in the right place at the right time?

If, as my ego would like to think, it was intentional then surely the girl in question is reading this right now and will hear me when I say thank you, I am quite touched. However if I am simply the recipient of some cool cosmic circumstance, then hot damn what a great idea.

The universe needs more flushed, beautiful girls sharing random bouquets of flowers.

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