Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Top 10 things I really enjoy doing in a scene as a top.

10) Vulgar Language. Words are powerful things and when slung with skill they can create more sensations than any flogger or piece of rope.
9) The Golden Shower. Took me a while to really click with this one, the act is a wicked mix of tenderness and degradation. Primal yet intimate, a marking of territory in a way. That and being a guy one had to “learn” how to pee with an audience.
8) Needles and blood. I’m not too keen on seeing how many needles I can stick a person with, but rather what happens when I turn a few strategically placed ones into paper clips.
7) Sweat (both mine and my partners). If I’m not as sweat soaked and exhausted after a scene as my bottom, why bother?
6) Laugher. Lighten up, it is just BDSM.
5) Paradox. Gender bending/ beauty and dishevelment / tenderness and torment / the collision of extremes and being able to glide between the two as the scene unfolds.
4) My hands on their skin. Who needs a flogger or paddle or clam when you have such wondrous tools as hands?
3) Feedback. Nothing makes me want to give more, to push harder, than hearing my partner, gasp out “Thank you, more please” and then howl in glee and terror as I oblige.
2) Rope: In the end, it is really all about the rope.
1) Trust. The intoxicating gifts of trust, when someone asks you to push them, to expose a taboo, open a new door, and above all else share themselves with me.