Friday, June 27, 2008

What, you didn't like the shoes?!

In a half naked bout of extreme silliness, Matisse snapped a shot of me bounding about her bedroom clad only in my faithful red converse high tops and a smile. The shot was mostly tasteful, no dangling male naked bits to be seen, so she (with an evil laugh) announced that she would post it to her flickr stream to prove once and for all as she put it, "what a wild, wicked man you are".

Yeah, that lasted about 20 minutes till the morality police at yahoo yanked the image. Funny, half naked girls shooting photos of themselves? No problem. My half naked ass? gone faster than you can say "federal budget surplus"

So for those of you who were not up and surfing last night, here you go. Me in all my converse clad naughtiness. Oh this is SO not work safe BTW.

As to her proclamation? Me? Wild? Wicked? Hardly. I'm just this hard working small business owner from Seattle. I have no earthly clue where people get these ideas that I'm some kind of deviant prankster who pounces upon pretty girls armed with lots of rope and bad intentions. Really, no really... your not buying the innocent thing, huh? ;)