Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Exotic White Linen Hemp and Exotic Handspun Silk On Sale!

Due to the huge response and all the great praise the latest how to video has received, even the Village Voice liked it!, we are putting the rope used in the video on sale.

What is so cool about this stuff?

Unlike our standard hemp, this is stuff is even softer from the very first use. The linen clings to the face and hugs in a way that no other fiber I've used before. Snug, soft and gentle to the skin. Also, cleaning is a snap. Just toss it in the washing machine on cold, gentle cycle and hang to dry. The rope is dry and ready to use in less than 24 hours and needs NO re-oiling. This makes for a great rope for situations where it might get dirty (read: genital contact).

Order now and save 20%

While we are at it, I have too much silk in stock. Save up to NINE BUCKS on your next piece of this very cool exotic rope.

This sale is limited to stock on hand, so don't delay.