Wednesday, July 23, 2008

A snapshot of the Abbey on a rather drab and cold Wednesday morning. Our plants are just not happy about this as you can tell. Ever since I first moved into the industrial space we call home, I've always lusted to fill the space with green, growing things. (no, that thing growing in the bottom of my coffee cup does not count!). The juxtaposition of the barren, gritty warehouse with the vibrant explosion of green of plants really speaks to me. Life thriving in harsh environments, things not being what they seem, and all that.

It is my secret wish to grow a great stand of bamboo in drums someday.

My other (not so) secret wish is that when we grow out of this space and move into Abbey 2.0 I want an enclosed courtyard. I fell in love with the whole "secret garden" look when I was working as a missionary in Mexico City. Our next home will have one of these, and a private shower.

Of course in order to get there, I need to get back to filling these orders. We are so close to getting back on track and ahead of the game. Fresh stock is just days away and then we will be running at our usual breakneck speed once again.

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