Tuesday, August 05, 2008

A funny thing happened on the way to the hard point last night…

It was Sunday night, the first Sunday of the month in fact. Time once again for the “Bondage is the Point” party, an event that Tambo and I have had a standing date together for the last, oh I dunno 4 years I think? We always look forward to this party, in addition to getting to see a lot of our friends, this is one event that no matter how insanely busy our lives get, we always can look forward to playing at the party. Be it elaborate or simple it matters not, just as long as it is with my Tambo it is all good.

But I digress, we had just entered the party and started saying hello to friends when an acquaintance we had not seen in several months all but leapt into our arms and exclaimed, “I am SO glad to see that you are here… TOGETHER!”
Tambo and I responded with odd looks at each other and pressed her to explain.
Seems that she at a recent event she was told that Tambo and I had gotten a divorce, not “were in the process of” or even “Were having some issues” but full on “Oh no, they divorced awhile back”

In light of the fact that Tambo and I will be celebrating our 20th wedding anniversary in a few weeks made this news both humorous and a little disturbing.

Living in the public eye as I do, you get pretty accustomed to rumors, lordy there have been some great ones in the past too. My favorite has to be the one where I supposedly sold the company for some obscene pile of cash and was moving to Europe to join of those infamous “Secret European SM Houses” as the resident rope master. Seriously, where folks come up with some of these are just beyond me. Also, being poly can be pretty confusing for some. Writing about the adventures I have with one of my partners does not mean that I’m not having any with my other. Some adventures are public and I share them here, some are not. Plain and simple.

So consider this a public service announcement. If I don’t say it here, then it is probably not true. And as for my childhood sweetheart Tambo and I? 20 years this month, I figure if she has not stuffed me into a wood chipper by now, she must either really love me or she has yet to find one big enough.

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