Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Oh man, talk about a mind bender....

Yesterday I was asked if I would donate a print of one of my more "infamous" pieces from back when I fancied myself a "fine art photographer" (more on that later in the week). As I went through my archive DVDs I was really floored by both the amount of images I had amassed as well as the memories they held.

Since my birthday is coming up and, according to Alex this is my "Birthday Week" and I can do anything I want, I'm going to subject you to some of my artwork. This stuff predates the blog, pre dates the rope company and in many cases predates my exploration into kink (or in the case of some of the images, my fumbling steps exploring my kinky side).

But first, behold. Monk and Tambo circa 2001. This was shot while on a motorcycle trip we took just after my 31st birthday. This would be me at my heaviest and most unhealthy, 270 pounds, working for a major aerospace and defense firm, making mad cash and sporting a pretty hefty drinking and drug habit. Ironically, this was also when I was probably my closest to my biological family.

This image gives me chills and is a long, long way from this image. Taken by my favorite photographer in the world, Michele Serchuk, last April.

Me, at about 195 pounds, 14% body fat, diet and gym fanatic, successful sex business owner and 3 years since being disowned by my two greatest mentor figures (my Father and elder brother) for being a "degenerate pervert" .

Is there a moral to this story? Something to inspire and inform? A lesson to be learned? Not sure yet as I am still living the story and trying to figure it out myself.

If I have to close with a moral it would be this. To quote the bard, "To thine own self, be true"

OK, enough navel gazing! Tomorrow, the image that started it all.

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